07 June, 2011

Inspiring words

Feeling all icky and sick today and my little monkey's feeling the same (the poor thing, his little coughing fits break my heart).

The bonus of having the flu- it's a great excuse for a lazy day. So now that the little one has gone down for a nap I'm watching good morning and searching the net for inspiring things to cheer me up. yup, i'm a multi-tasking women alright! heh heh.

Here's a few of my fave inspiring words...

Source: None via Heidi on Pinterest

06 June, 2011

Just wondering...

When the Queen is no longer the Queen, will we still get Queen's birthday weekend?
Or will it change to a Kings birthday weekend instead?
I hope we get both. That'd be nice.

Happy Queen's birthday everyone!
Did you get her something nice? I thought about making her a cake, but mehh