11 July, 2011

To the zoo!

We took our little monkey for his first trip to the zoo this weekend, he was still recovering from the flu so wasn't as excited as I'm sure he would have been. But I made up for that with my excitement I think, because I got to see an elephant this time! A six-month pregnant me waddled around the zoo last year and there wasn't an elephant to be seen!

Family photo-op time...

Real elephant...

Not so real elephant...

I totally broke tradition by not wearing animal print to the zoo. Shocking huh?!

08 July, 2011

Things I'm loving...

Well, I haven't been loving the flu this week. And haven't been loving the little one having it too. But I have been loving...

That even with the flu and feeling miserable, Reece still gives lots of smiles and giggles. He's been teaching me this week that even though I may feel sick, I don't have to act it.

That my folks and lil bro are leaving about now to make the long trek to Auckland (they live in Houhora, that's 5 hours north of here people!) to visit us. And that we're going to see these guys on Sunday night. Woop!

Re-arranging the furniture in the lounge and having it totally clean (well until the lil monkey wakes up)

Changing my blog name, to something, well, more me.

*This face. It's not his cutest of faces, but definitly my favourite!
*Mixing up my knitting by introducing the purl stitch!
*Yummy, yummy hokey pokey hot chocolate! I've been having lots of this this week!

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