08 July, 2011

Things I'm loving...

Well, I haven't been loving the flu this week. And haven't been loving the little one having it too. But I have been loving...

That even with the flu and feeling miserable, Reece still gives lots of smiles and giggles. He's been teaching me this week that even though I may feel sick, I don't have to act it.

That my folks and lil bro are leaving about now to make the long trek to Auckland (they live in Houhora, that's 5 hours north of here people!) to visit us. And that we're going to see these guys on Sunday night. Woop!

Re-arranging the furniture in the lounge and having it totally clean (well until the lil monkey wakes up)

Changing my blog name, to something, well, more me.

*This face. It's not his cutest of faces, but definitly my favourite!
*Mixing up my knitting by introducing the purl stitch!
*Yummy, yummy hokey pokey hot chocolate! I've been having lots of this this week!

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  1. love how you presented the pics, I hear knitting and chocolate are well know flu cures! uhuh, yes they are!

  2. I just bought that hot chocolate this week too!! Mmmm. Love your heart shapes. xoxo